Four Flowers Wellness

Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and shiatsu practitioner in Chicago's Wicker park Neighborhood.

Mugwort Soup

Mugwort is better known in my clinic as Moxa, and is one of my favorite Chinese Medicine treatments. Who knew it could also be used to make soup? I will be trying this as soon as I can find some fresh mugwort!

Car accident changed Kelowna woman's life

"After a year of every kind of therapy, Molloy was told to get used to living with headaches and an arm she couldn’t lift above her shoulder. But a physical therapist suggested shiatsu — a form of Japanese massage therapy — which works on the emotional, mental and spiritual and physical layers."

Here's How Spanx Really Affect Your Body

Compressing garments can be very harmful to your health by squeezing your organs and reducing circulation in the abdomen. This can cause everything from heartburn to constipation, and even painful periods or reduced fertility. If you wear shapewear at all, please do so very occasionally.